Documents Required When Applying For Any Scholarship (How To Prepare)

Documents Required When Applying ForAny Scholarship (How To Prepare)

So in this Article today I'm going to take you through seven crucial documents that you need and you might be asked to provide when applying for a scholarships.

 I am a journalist a content creator a writer and also ash evening scholar and I got the scholarship in 2018 and 2019. And on this article I am going to give you tips on how to apply for the scholarship and also insider information as a scholar a previous scholar or an alumna of the scholarship just to guide you on things to look out for when you're applying for the scholarship and what exactly you need to do at each step so in this article.

 I'm going to take you through seven crucial documents that you need and you might be asked to provide when applying for a scholarship. Thats is necessarily not for the scholarship it can be for any type of scholarship in your home country work or even abroad but these are documents that I've seen that you're going to be asked for.

first document, is a scholarship application form this is a given depending on the scholarship that you're applying for when you go to the website you'll be asked to fill in a form you know it will contain your personal details, if you have done an undergraduate degree all these other things it's kind of like an eligibility form so that is something that you need to fill, and ensure you fill it correctly. This can be you can say that it's not part of the documents but some people actually don't count it but you have to go and have a look at what is required on the application form so that you can be able to note.

following other documents I'm going to mention when apply to you or not the second document is your identification or passport this applies to if you are applying for a scholarship abroad. Some of these scholarships would want to know if you have a passport and if you can travel so if you don't have a passport already I would ask you to please apply for one and just have it, you never know just have it because some scholarships might not want you to produce the copy in your application form when you're doing the application form and others might want to see a copy so that they can see if you're eligible.

But if you just have it there it will save you so much time and so much headache and you might not lose out on a scholarship just because of this one. little detail so what I usually advise is scan it with your phone, just take a picture and if your smartphone can be able just to convert it into a scan of a document just do it then save it on your Google Drive. And you have it whenever you need it.

 Third document is copies of your transcript or your degree, so if you have graduated from your undergraduate you are given a copy of your certificate which includes your degree and your transcript.

 So for you to be eligible to let's say a masters or a PhD they would want to see how you've performed, so they'll ask to see evidence of your transcript or your degree and some of them might ask that it's been notarized just to ensure that it is not fake. So what you do as you did with the passport scan it take a photo of it and save it on your Google Drive or your iCloud or your hard disk or a flash disk wherever, so that it is always ready when you need it out let's say preparation first will save you so much time.

 There's a language test certificate this can be IELTS, this can be let's say the French certificate if you're going to apply the French language certificate, When you're going to apply for a scholarship in France or whatever country you're going for you must ensure if they need it make sure you have it everything prepared .

Forexample when I was applying to go to the UK the shooting scholarship required that the IELTS. This is the English test and after you complete it and you pass it they want to see the certificate. so the same thing again I'll repeat take it take a photo save it on your Google Drive document.

 The fifth that is crucial is your motivation letter this is where you are explaining yourself why do you want to get the scholarship why do you want to further your studies why should you be picked this is a motivation letter, but the selection committee will be able to read  and I think we should pick up so this is something that you should start learning how to do.

Also an article on white on my website that I'm going to put up that is going to guide you on how to write the perfect motivation letter,

the six document is a reference or a recommendation letter now this can be either a recommendation letter from your employer. A recommendation letter from one of your professors or lecturer an educational type of reference, So this is where you have to really go ahead and reach out to these people and tell them, I'm applying for this scholarship they need a reference find a lecturer who knows and ask could you please to write something for me.

This is crucial if you've networked correctly and you have a good relationship with them some of them will be fine writing you that letter even on short notice but what I would do is start reaching out to them eilean tell them like look this I'm going to apply to a couple of scholarships, and I would like you to be my referee is that okay if they say fine that's good you just tell them that. so this scholarship means you to write just a reference letter recommending me my skills if I'm fit for the program you just look at the requirements of the scholarship and see what you need to tell them to input things, first these people are busy, your employer might be busy and your former professor might be busy. Your friend or someone who knows you well a mentor might be busy so it is best if you reach out to them I advanced and for some of them you can ask for permission if they just write one standard letter.

Seventh document is your CV so ensure that your CV is up to date it is clear it is outlining your educational background your professional background. It's talking about the skills that you have in detail so just look at the type of CV that these guys want different scholarships some don't specify others specify that you write it in a format.

But they recommend so just make sure you look through the finer details and know how to present it so ensure that you already have a template with you and save it on your Google Drive, so that when it's ready it's time to go you just upload it.

Now I'm going to give you bonus documents, this depends on the scholarship you are applying for but you might be asked to provide an essay or essays, for me the shipment scholarship I had to do four essays one was about my leadership skills and other one was about my networking skills another one is why I wanted to study in the UK and the fourth one was about my career.

 Plan what do I want to do with my life so just ensure that you practice how to write this essays know what they're looking for go through the scholarship website so that you can be able to see what is going through and you can also go to my website and see examples of essays and also see tips on how to write your essay. Another document you might be asked to provide is a portfolio this depends on the type of program you are applying for so if you're a writer you might be asked to give samples of your work in a portfolio if you're an art major you might be asked to give samples of your work, If you are a graphic designer you see the drift so just ensure that you have already.

 Put these things and you have them somewhere ready in case you're asked to upload them or in case you're asked to provide evidence of your work.

 so thank you for reading this article I hope that you've been able just to see some of the documents that you might be asked to provide so that you can be ready. you don't have any excuses missing a document or missing a scholarship deadline because you are not actually organized.

 Another tip and I want to reiterate this is ensure that if you're putting these documents in a folder in your Google Drive just name them like scholarship document so that every time, you need to apply for something you just go ahead and it's easy and quick for you to find them and you'll be able to apply ensure that you have copies take photos of everything that you need because you never know you might be hacked or you might forget your password or whatever. so if you've put them on your computer also store them online on the cloud or something so that you may be able to get these documents as fast as possible thank you so much for more tips on scholarship guidelines and especially the shielding scholarship stay on my website if you like this article please give it a comment up and please subscribe our website we can be able to reach more people and share this article with a friend who you think might need this information thank you.

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