UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships in UK 2023

UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships in UK 2023

UAL International Postgraduate £50,000 Scholarship and accommodation award.

This scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees, accommodation at one of UAL’s halls of residence and may also contribute towards living costs. Up to 4 UAL International Postgraduate £50,000 Scholarships are available.

The scholarship to study abroad in one of the best universities in the UK will be a valuable addition to your academic and professional profile. Thus, changing the dimensions of your personality in all aspects. UAL is standing upon the outstanding achievements of its students and staff. The collaborative staff at UAL has cultivated a diverse learning and development culture, which inspires students to come with high hopes and translate their knowledge into practicality. UAL’s distinctive teaching style helps students become successful professionals, designers, and artists. Moreover, the award-winning careers are tailor-made as they cater to each individual as per their anticipated need.

These UAL Scholarships encompass multiple benefits, including the most expensive accommodation cost and tuition fees of the London institutes, which is otherwise very difficult for ordinary people to bear such expenses. This world-class university has been driving the projections to shape global industries creatively. UAL’s teaching faculty consists of professional artists, designers, technicians, practitioners, theorists, and others ready to deliver cutting-edge programs to students. UAL is home to a number of diverse students from different countries, and it ensures to offer a supportive and inclusive environment to everyone.

UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships in UK 2023:

Host Country: United Kingdom

Host University: UAL (University of Arts London).

Program Duration:

Ø  The duration of the UAL International Postgraduate £50,000 Scholarships in Europe varies according to the course you opt for

Benefits of the UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships in UK:

Ø  The scholarships cover tuition fees.

Ø  The scholarships will provide accommodation at UAL’s hall of residence.

Ø  The scholarship will help enrich the academic knowledge of the particular area of interest.

Ø  It will help induce market-competitive skills among the participants.

Eligibility Criteria of the UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships in 2023, UK:

Ø  You must be an ordinarily resident of any of the low-income countries or an asylum seeker in the UK.

Ø  You must not possess postgraduate qualifications before.

Ø  Your annual household income should be Euro 50,000 or below than that.

Ø  You must be able to answer the following questions with maximum 350 words of each:

v  How this postgraduate scholarship will make a difference in your career?

v  How this qualification will support your future plans?

v  How you will address the challenges of your home country?

v  How you will endorse the values of social justice and environmental stewardship?

How to Apply for the UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships in UK 2023?

Ø  Students have to apply through the official website.

Ø  Once the offer letter has been received, the application portal will be updated.

Ø  Then, you need to include the application forms for scholarships.

Ø  Ensure that application forms should be properly filled up.

Ø  After submission of the application, an email will be received by the university, stating whether you are successful or not.

Documents required for the UAL Scholarship:

Ø  Copy of immigration documents.

Ø  Copy of ID card.

Ø  Formal proof of address.

Ø  Invitation letter from the University.

UAL Scholarship Application Deadline:

Ø  The application deadline for this scholarship is Friday 30 June 2023.


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