DAAD Summer School in Germany 2022 | MENA Digital Summer School 2022 | Study in Germany | Fully Funded

DAAD Summer School in Germany 2022 | MENA Digital Summer School 2022 | Study in Germany | Fully Funded


Call for Application: MENA Digital Summer School 2022.

This is fully-funded summer program is available to those with excellent academic grades who are committed to advancing their careers with modern digital paradigms. This is a commendable opportunity for enlightened minds who have completed their graduation to expand their knowledge of digital transformation. DAAD Scholarship allows students to learn innovative dynamics under the guidance of expert professionals. This summer school helps you to become familiar with German culture and its people. Young minds are encouraged to join the program so that they can participate in the digital revolution in their country and the world.

First Mena Digital Summer School 2022

If you are a successful graduate students and young entrepreneurs between the age of 20 – 40 who show particular promise in their respective fields of endeavor, this call can be interesting for you.

Applicants shall be nationals of the following states and currently reside in their country of origin or another state of the MENA region (Middle East &North Africa): Mauretania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Djibouti, Comoros, member states of the GCC). Participants are expected to apply with a project idea for digital innovation.

At the MENA Digital Summer School, the German government offers the following courses: Machine Learning, Data Management, Strategic Planning, Strategic Design, Strategic Management, Technological Foresight, Change Management and Smart Cities. In addition, the DAAD Summer Scholarship Program will cover solutions to the current socio-economic challenges of digitization in MENA countries. Your exposure is enhanced by visiting and observing communities during field trips sponsored by experts and leaders. These visits will cover commercial, political, cultural, economic, educational and media aspects. Undoubtedly, this will be a valuable opportunity for the successors.

DAAD Summer School 2022 Details:

Host Country: Germany (Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia)

Funded by: DAAD

Program type: Hybrid

DAAD Summer Scholarship Program Duration:

Online: This program will start on 7th September 2022, and ends on 10th September 2022.
In Germany: The program starts on 25th September 2022 and ends on 3rd October 2022.

Benefits of the DAAD Summer School in Germany 2022:

·   During the individual program, applicants will receive the following benefits:

o    Cost of attending the course.

o    Flight fee.

o    Accommodation costs.

o    Travel cost

·   Expand your knowledge.

·   The social network will be strong.

·   Communication and presentation skills will be developed.


Eligibility Criteria of DAAD Summer School in Germany 2022:

·   Higher education students with a bachelor’s degree can apply.

·   The candidate must be between 20 to 40 years old.

·   3 years of related work experience

·   Candidates should be enrolled in their field of interest.

·   Candidates must be from eligible countries of the MENA region.

·   The country of residence or citizenship must be one of the eligible countries listed in the MENA region.

·   The candidate should have a project idea for digital innovation.

·   Must be fluent in English.


How to Apply for the DAAD Summer School Program in Germany?

·   Applicants have to apply through the official DAAD website.

·   To download and complete the application form.

·   Fill in all the required fields for each level in the application form.

·   Provide all the required documents.

·   Complete your application carefully and upload the filled application form along with the documents.


Documents Required for MENA Digital Summer School 2022:

Documents Required:

·   Complete the online DAAD application form.

·   CV.

·   Photograph.

·   Proof of English proficiency.

·   Previous degree.

Application Deadline for DAAD Summer School Program in Germany

Application deadline for summer school is July 06, 2022.


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